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Internet Congestion During the COVID-19 Crisis

As people around the world shelter-in-place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Internet is seeing unprecedented usage, especially in residential neighborhoods. And virtual meeting platforms, such as Adobe Connect, are being used at unparalleled levels. Because of this, you may encounter Internet congestion when participating in this event. It may result in fragmented video or audio, or lengthy delays as the event stream buffers to your location.

The vast majority of these issues arise in the “last mile” as the event stream makes it way to your home. If there are issues with our servers or stream transmission, we are aware of them and working to correct them. If the issue is in due to Internet congestion in your locale, there is nothing we can do to resolve it.

However, recordings of all the event sessions will be available shortly after each day concludes from the “Past Events” page.

Using a mobile device or tablet?
If you have a PC available, you will have a MUCH more robust experience on a PC.
If not, please see the Adobe Connect Mobile Help page for additional help.

If your web browser supports Adobe Flash,
please enable it for a more robust experience.

Audio/Video Quality Issues

Audio or video stopping or cutting in and out: 95% of the time this is an issue with your local Internet connection. Your connection bandwidth, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or geographic location may not allow for a reliable connection to the Adobe Connect servers. (We have live monitors and will know if the issue is on our end.) If there is a way to improve your Internet connection, please do so. If you cannot solve the issue, you will still be able to view the event recordings from the Past Events page where they will be posted within 24 hours of the events conclusion.

There is a distinct “echo” on the audio: This occurs when you log into the Adobe Connect room more than once. Please check all your browser windows and tabs to determine if you have the Adobe Connect room open more than once.

Speaker is difficult to hear or understand: We are likely aware of this and are already working to improve it. Each speaker’s voice is different and some can be difficult to amplify properly without creating feedback at the live event. If you have trouble following what a speaker is saying, you can refer to the closed caption transcription below the slides and/or review the event recordings from the Past Events page where they will be posted within 24 hours of the events conclusion.

Trouble Logging Into the Adobe Connect Room

Test your PC for Adobe Connect compatibility:

You get an “Incorrect username or password.” error: To enter the Adobe Connect room for the event, you must have registered for the event at NOTE: The Adobe Connect server for SBIA events is and NOT the server that is used for many other FDA webinars and events. You cannot use the login credentials you created on one server on the other server. The Username to login is whatever email address you used when you registered. Your password is the password you chose the first time you registered for any event on If you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Password?” link to reset it to a new password.

You get a message saying the room is not open: The Adobe Connect room for each event will open approximately 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin. Please check the event’s date and start time to see what time the room will open.

You get a message saying the room is full: Each Adobe Connect room can support a maximum of 1,000 simultaneous participants on a first come, first serve basis. As participants leave the room, their spots will open up for people that are “waiting” to get in the room. So, you can just keep the browser window open and wait. Some SBIA events will have a second room. If so, the “room full” message will include information on how to login to the second room. If you continue to have issues getting into the room, you will still be able to view the event recordings from the Past Events page where they will be posted within 24 hours of the events conclusion.

Please direct any additional questions to: